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A Social Learning Instructional Strategy July 22, 2008

Posted by cjescribano in Instructional Strategies.
This morning, I somehow stumbled onto an April post on Jay Cross’s Internet Time blog about an instructional strategy Jay used to bring in expert perspectives and responses to learners’ questions to a workshop he facilitated. 
In a nutshell, here is the strategy that Jay used:
  1. Facilitator is conducting a workshop in a classroom.
  2. As big issues related to the subject matter arise, the facilitator captures these on a flipchart.
  3. The facilitator then e-mails the flipcharted big issues to a group of experts (convened ahead of time).
  4. The experts respond to the e-mail by entering their thoughts and perspectives on either a discussion board or a wiki.
  5. The next day in the workshop, the facilitator provides a brief summary of the experts’ responses.

Of course, there are lots of alternatives for implementing this strategy. For example, I could see having the workshop participants reviewing the discussion board/wiki in the evening, adding their thoughts, and then coming to class the next day with their own summary.

And Jay mentions at the end of his post some other alternatives, like having Instant Messenger available as a back channel for virtual dialog with the experts and others.

For more information, check out Jay’s Cafe Conversation post from April 30.


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