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May Is Social Networking Month at the LifeLong Learning Lab May 1, 2008

Posted by cjescribano in social networking.


(Note: Image created by Judy Loftin of Vangent, Inc.)

For the month of May, the LifeLongLearning Lab will be focusing on social networks. I actually belong to several: Facebook, LinkedIn, and ning. I rarely use them. Mostly because I don’t feel like I have time. But also because I’m not quite sure what I’ll really do out there.

But this year, I’ve discovered that month-long experiments are a really good way for me to focus in an area and learn a lot, without that fear of having to commit to something forever.

So, for May, I will spend at least 30 minutes a day in a social network. I’m also planning on sketching out the functionality so I have a map of what’s available and how it all relates, and how various social networking tools are alike and different. In addition to the networks I already belong to, I’m going to try out some new ones–like Elliott Masie’s learningtown, which my colleague Judy says is very good.

And to kick off this Social Networking month, my colleague Jenifer Lippincott and I are going to lead a Webinar tomorrow on Social Learning.



1. Manish Mohan - May 4, 2008

I can actually related to your post. I have been on social networking sites for a while and just didn’t know what to do on them. LinkedIn has been useful to track my ex-collegues as they moved between jobs but that’s it. Earlier this year, I became more active, reading and blogging myself. I also started a team blog. For the team blog I created the eCube group on Facebook, not really knowing what to do on it. Then when I agreed to host the blog carnival that you mentioned in your previous post, I used this Facebook group to elicit contributions. It was quite an interesting experience and I discovered the power of social networking. I now have 56 memebers on the group, many joined without actually knowing me. I am still wondering what else I can do on Facebook.

2. Dan - May 7, 2008

Lurking 🙂

3. uohaa - June 8, 2008

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