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Buzzin’ on the Biz for 4/28 – 5/2 May 1, 2008

Posted by cjescribano in Learning, training industry.

In the latter half of April, there was a “blog carnival” on work at learning/learning at work, which provided an area of focused conversation. Of the 15 bloggers who participated, social learning and informal learning were big topics of conversation. Here’s the breakdown of topics into some categories I created:

  • Learning best practices (my own category for people with concrete suggestions on improving learning at work): 7
  • Learning 2.0 (including social learning): 4
  • Informal learning: 1
  • Leadership and learning: 1
  • Learning sources: 1
  • How we learn: 1


Buzz in the Professional Organizations

  • ASTD Learning Circuits: May’s Big Question: Do we have to design, develop, and deliver instruction differently for Digital Natives?
  • E-Learning Guild: Reminder to members to update survey responses on the Guild’s Web sites. (not updated since end of March.)
  • ELearn Magazine: 14 excellent tips for how to keep students in a distance learning class motivated.
  • Training and Development Blog: In honor of May being Older Americans month, Training and Development provides statistics on how many older Americans will soon be retiring and asks readers what plans they have to capture the knowledge of exiting workers and how they will replace them.
  • The MASIE Center: (No change since last time) Masie’s learnings and impressions from his Learning Systems event last week where he met with 370 learning leaders to talk about learning and LMSs/LCMSs. Also, info about an interesting learning event in Atlanta for high school students–called FIRST Robotics Co-opetition. “It involves intentional use of a game challenge, atmosphere, coaching, “gracious professionalism”, short/intense action spurts and a design/build experience. Creative use of “failure” is also leveraged in a way that could be deeply emulated within corporate learning designs.”–Intriguing! Masie will be live blogging on this event and posting video interviews.
  • Training Day: Best practices in Second Life. This article says that if you’re just using Second Life for meetings/conferencing, you’re probably using the wrong tool. It also introduces a new feature in Second Life, called robotic avatars, that allow SEcond Life to be used for asynchronous e-learning. Learners interact with the robotic avatars, which seem to be real people but are not. Their completion of tasks and progress can be tracked via reports.
  • Educause: Advertises a free Webinar on Digital Visual Literacy, which has become an essential skill for the 21st century college graduate; Discusses an Educause Learning Initiative on the social network, ning–7 Things You Should Know About Ning; Discusses the Senate committee meeting on the future of the Internet and network neutrality; LOTS of podcasts on topics related to technology and learning


HR in Second Life: Provides a summary of a plenary session at the HRPS conference that talks about how companies are using Second Life for HR functions. Also provides videos that were used in that session.

Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day: Provides a brief writeup about a new tool or resource for e-learning. A great way to keep up with technology!

31-Day Comment Challenge: Challenges people to become better blog citizens by sharing their thoughts, ideas, and learnings on as many blogs as possible through comments.




1. Manish Mohan - May 4, 2008

Thanks for the mention of the blog carnival. I quite liked your categorization. Would love to have your post in the next edition of the carnival.

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