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Buzzin’ on the Biz for 3/31 – 4/3/08 April 4, 2008

Posted by cjescribano in Learning, training industry.

Buzzin on the Biz

Given that we “celebrated” April Fools Day this week, there were several humorous/tonge-in-cheek entries this week.
Of the 46 blogs currently being tracked, here was the breakdown in topics:
  • Design–4
  • Humor pieces–3
  • Info on Conferences/Classes–3
  • Writeups on software apps–3
  • Web 2.0–3
  • Podcasts–2
  • Second Life–2

The rest was all miscellaneous, everything from someone’s trip to Norway to a really inspirational video about what a father has done for his son who has cerebral palsy.

Buzz in the Professional Organizations

  • ASTD Learning Circuits: April’s Big Question: What would you like to do better as a learning professional?
  • E-Learning Guild: Reminder to members to update survey responses on the Guild’s Web sites.
  • ELearn Magazine: Ten Web 2.0 Things you can do in 10 minutes to be a more successful elearning professional
  • Training and Development Blog: In Ohio, dozens of staff members were ordered to change their focus from human services to human development (basically changing the mentality from “giving them a fish” to “teaching them how to fish”).
  • The MASIE Center: April Fools edition with some outrageous predictions, including a new Google product called Giggle used to search for humor, an e-learning for super-delegates, Level 9 evaluation, speed presenting, and outsourcing classroom participation.
  • Training Day: Discusses issues with labeling people as “high potential” and ask readers to think about how they know those people are really high potential and not just good at playing politics.
  • Educause: Wikis and emergent roles for teaching and learning; update on key U.S. copyright developments; how innovators can learn from Hollywood how to address resistance to change
  • HCI featured blogs: Interestingly, HCI does not seem to be featuring blogs on their home page anymore. Within each of their communities, they link to a lot of different blogs, but they do not seem to be featuring any in particular anymore.


Search Patterns: This site has a collection of different types of search patterns with commentary on how each is useful and what each says about user behavior and the information architecture of search. And what’s really interesting is that they used Flickr to do this.

PowerPoint Accessibility: Really interesting article on PowerPoint and accessibility—deficiencies in PowerPoint with regard to accessibility and how to fix those.

Benchmarking Your Learning Culture: Jay Cross describes a free tool from Harvard Business Review with questions to help define organization’s learning culture and then compare it to benchmarks.

Project Initiation Checklist for Rapid ELearning: Links to a document with a checklist of things to consider at the beginning a rapid elearning project. The checklist includes many of the things we already do, but it goes a step further into implementation considerations, such as marketing and communications. I have put this document out on the Home Team Connection Shared Documents folder, under Rapid E-Learning.

Work/Learning Blog Carnival: A blog carnival! Different bloggers unite to talk about the same topic, in this case—“working at learning;  learning at work”. Very interesting approach, and very interesting reading.

In Which I’m (Almost) Convinced of the Value of Twitter: Michele Martin of the Bamboo Project Blog talks about some exploration she’s doing into the value of using Twitter. What’s really great about this article are all the links to more information about Twitter and how people are using it.



1. Dave Ferguson - April 4, 2008

I’m glad you found the carnival of interest — want to join in the next one?

2. Brent Schlenker - April 4, 2008

Hey! Just found your blog. Great stuff! I’m love the post on WEbkinz as learning tool.
Contact me via email if you have some time. I would love to talk with you more about your experiences…and experiments 😉

3. cjescribano - April 5, 2008

Dave, I went over to your site to say, “Absolutely YES! I would love to participate in a blog carnival sometime.” Sounds like fun!

4. cjescribano - April 5, 2008

Hi Brent,
I’m glad you enjoyed the site and the Webkinz post. I’ve found a couple of other parents whose children have gotten them addicted to Webkinz. I think it is such a well-designed site. I think you are in touch with my colleague, Rob, who I often cite in this blog, and Rob and I are planning on attending the AG/08 conference. I will definitely e-mail you soon.

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