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Informal Learning at ASTD TechKnowledge, Part 2 March 17, 2008

Posted by cjescribano in Informal learning.

Here’s a bit more on informal learning at ASTD’s TechKnowledge:

Catching up with old friends: I ran into my friend, David Serdynski, who went to work for Root Learning about 6 or 7 years ago. It was great to see him, and he seems to be doing well. I will always think fondly of David because we once shared one of those eyes-flooding, stomach-seizing, breath-stopping laughs that went on so long that the guy in the office next door came in to see if we were all right.

Learning about audience engagement at Howl at the Moon:  howl.gif On Wednesday morning, as I was walking over to the convention center, I happened to talk to a woman who told me about a piano bar called Howl at the Moon, where she had had the time of her life the night before. She urged me to go there if I got the chance. So, we  decided to stop in for an hour or so to check it out. Several hours later, just before closing, we finally forced ourselves to leave so we wouldn’t be too exhausted the next day. I kept waiting for the piano players to play a song I didn’t like, so it would be easier to leave, but that never happened.

The key learning here was in audience engagement. Those entertainers really knew how to connect with their audience and involve them in the show. I started to write down all their tricks here but decided that was probably another blog post for another time.  

Finding a kindred spirit in Barbara Wright: Barbara had attended our session on Wednesday, and she was like a third presenter. We joked with her about how perfectly her questions and comments set us up for what we wanted to share. She joined us for the closing session, and long after the session had ended and everyone else had left, we sat in the auditorium discovering that we were birds of a feather. For one thing, she had instantly pegged us as perfectionists like herself, and she had nailed me as the goody-two-shoes, which I reluctantly admit that I am. We were having such an entertaining conversation that we continued it along the Riverwalk and into an English pub for lunch. It has since continued via e-mail.

Remembering the importance of slowing down to rock and talk: Whoever thought of putting old-fashioned rocking chairs on the concourse in the airport was a genius! After rushing to get to the airport, we discovered that we had two hours to kill. So, we got some snacks and found some empty rocking chairs and sat and talked for an hour. I think the rocking motion made us giddy, or maybe we were just tired, but we ended the trip swapping outrageous skiing stories and laughing our guts out.



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