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Buzzin’ on the Biz, March 7 – 21 March 17, 2008

Posted by cjescribano in Learning, training industry.

Buzzin on the Biz

Once again, design topped the list of hot topics, with several posts providing tips for making learning more engaging. Tied at the top of the list were posts on useful tools.

Also hot:

  • The brain and learning
  • Social media

Buzz in the Professional Organizations

ASTD Learning Circuits: March’s Big Question: What Is the Scope of Our Responsibility as Learning Professionals? There are now a bunch of responses to this question, so check them out.
E-Learning Guild: Review of serious gaming software developed by IBM. (not updated since last time)
ELearn Magazine: How to measure success for a Web site for which the goal is personal enlightenment
Training and Development Blog: Cites a recent Novations Group study that showed that most diversity training does not include tools to reinforce the training, does not have metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the training, and did not address any of the organization’s development or advancement practices.
The MASIE Center: 1) References a research paper conducted by Cisco that confronts myths and assumptions about how people learn and the role of media in the education process. 2) Provides a link to an article about how the CIA is using podcasts for language training. 3) Talks about how the room dynamic changes when a trainer/facilitator sits down with the class. 4) Lists features that learners have requested be included in LMSs.
Training Day: With more and more asked of workers, productivity may be increasing, but is quality suffering? How do companies measure productivity, and what metrics can help ensure quality along with quantity?
Educause: Understanding communications: a key to effective leadership; Teaching in Second Life: a report from the trenches; How Flickr embodies Web 2.0 technology
HCI featured blogs: 2008 National Human Capital Summit Blog provides blog posts for key sessions of this conference.


Multimodal Learning Research conducted by Cisco
This research paper, commissioned by Cisco, provides current information on how people learn, and how media can facilitate learning.

Multimodal learning through media
Provides a brief overview of Cisco’s Multimodal Learning research paper, which Elliott Masie pointed out in Learning Trends.

25 Tools Every Learning Professional Should Have in their Toolbox—and All for Free
Whittled down from a list of 100 must-have tools, this is an interesting list of tools that the author says learning professionals should have.

Social Media How Much Is Too Much?
Good article that describes all the ways that Brandon Hall will use social media for their upcoming conference, but also questions whether or not it’s too much.

Nadira Hira Talks about Generation Y
Really good recap of a presentation by a Generation Y writer at Fortune magazine, with lots of links for more information on recruiting, hiring, and training Generation Y.

10 Emerging Technologies 2008
Technology Review’s list of 10 technologies that they think most likely to change the way we live.



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