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Today’s Web 2.0 Experiment January 27, 2008

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Tonight, I went into my e-mail to get a coupon for Papa John’s pizza, and I saw this little message:

Text Pizza Ad

It felt like a challenge. Was I up for ordering pizza via text?

I’m fairly new to texting. I really only “got” it last November. Up until then, I joked with friends that if they texted me, they’d have to call me to let me know because I would never think to look for text messages and I’d have no idea how to read them, much less reply to them. My brother is a big texter, so when we were travelling together, I asked him to show me how, and it was fun. We whiled away our waits at different terminals of Toronto’s airport, having a nice text conversation.

So, ordering pizza via text is a big step forward for this Baby Boomer. I struggled through figuring out how to get numeric digits and upper-case letters. (I usually just use lowercase and spell out numbers.) But, hey, I learned something new. And now I’m psyched! The next time, it’ll be much easier, and faster.

Before I could actually do the texting, I had to go to papajohns.co, set up for texting, and choose some “favorite” orders. Then all I had to do was text the number of my “favorite” (FAV3) to the designated number. Right away, I got a message back summarizing my order. Then I had to reply with a Y3. I had imagined some young kid sitting there texting people back, but the system must be automated because when I texted Thx in response to a summary of my order, I got an error message.

Anyway, it worked–30 minutes later, the pizzas arrived!

More and more, learning strategies are heading toward texting and mobile devices as we try to reach and teach the generation that already lives and thrives with this technology. And the only way I can be ready for the day when my learning design includes learners looking up information on their cell phones and answering questions is to jump in and use the technology. After all, it’s really more about the culture and the way it feels to order a pizza via text message than it is about the technology. The technology makes it happen. It’s up to us to make it cool. The only way I know how to do that is to jump in and try.



1. Dan - January 31, 2008

You can actually see well enough to text? I must be way older than you! I can hardly see well enough to find my phone.

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