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Experiment Status January 27, 2008

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Here is the weekly update on experiment status:
Experiment 1: Writing in my blog everyday–Continues to be successful. It may look like I did not blog last Friday, but that was due to technical difficulties, not laziness. The post was ready to go, but I kept getting error messages when I tried to publish. So, I had to wait til Saturday to publish. You’ll notice that there are two posts for yesterday. I have to admit that I’ll be kind of glad on Thursday when I don’t feel the pressure to blog everyday. I like the exercise, but I think everyday is just too frequently. I plan to continue 3 times a week in February. My goal is to continue 3 times a week for the rest of the year. 


Experiment 2: Nutrition Experiment–I’ve been taking my “magic potion” (as I call the drinkable vitamin solution) everyday since January 1. My fingernails continue to get harder. I can only imagine what is happening to my brain and the other parts of my body.

Experiment 3: Blog Strategy–I presented the Blog Strategy for my company to some other colleagues. I’ll be getting more feedback from them next week. I need to reschedule a meeting with my rector and the head of Adult Christian education to get the church blog strategy back on track. 

Experiment 4: Act As If–I keep forgetting to do this one. Maybe four experiments at one time is just too many.

Experiment 5: 31 Days to a Better Blog–4 experiments may be too many, but that won’t stop me from adding yet one more. I guess this one is really more of a sub-set of #1. This past week, I discovered an interesting experiment that someone else conducted last summer–a blog class of sorts to help people improve their blogs. I started down the 31-day path, but I got stuck on Day 2 when I needed to do a Reader Audit with someone who had never seen my blog before. My husband says he’ll do it, but catching him when we’re not busy or tired is tough. My friend, Heather, was going to do it on Saturday, but she got sick. So, I’ll try again next week. Meanwhile, I plan to join the community of people who are dedicated to improving their blogs.



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