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Quick Experiment Status January 21, 2008

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Here is the weekly update on experiment status:Experiment 1: Writing in my blog everyday–Continues to be successful and I notice a lot of progress in my knowledge of blogging in general and of the learning industry as well. Blogging everyday forces me to pay attention to what other people are saying and to think about what it means to me.

Experiment 2: Nutrition Experiment–I’ve been taking my “magic potion” (as I call the drinkable vitamin solution) everyday since January 1. Just this week, I began to notice that my fingernails are beginning to feel stronger again. About a week ago, they were paper thin. They’re still a bit flimsy, but definitely feeling stronger. From this, I think I can say that it takes about two weeks for the vitamins to start working.

Experiment 3: Blog Strategy–I’ve done a lot this past week on blog strategy. I’ve mapped out a beginning blog strategy for both my church and my company. One of the things that’s interesting is how different the strategies are since they are too very different organizations. For the church, I’m interested in building a community with an existing congregation. If we bring in others, that would be good, but not essential. For my company, we want to drive traffic to our site, so I have to keep that in mind. 

Experiment 4: Act As If–Relapsed into old habits on this one this week. But I keep trying.



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