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Blog Statistics January 20, 2008

Posted by cjescribano in blogging.

Today, Tony Karrer’s Web Stats Meme post inspired me to take a closer look at Blog Statistics. It’s something I haven’t worried about too much yet. Since this blog is one big experiment, I’m not sure I’m really writing for anyone else. I’m more feeling my way along, and learning a heck of a lot along the way.

Important Blog Statistics
Through today’s explorations, I learned what the important stats seem to be:

  • Visits–this is the number of people coming to the site
  • Page Views–this is the number of pages visited. Since one person may view several pages, the Page Views number is usually larger than the Visits number. In Tony’s case, it was about twice as much.
  • Pages/Visit–this is the number of page views divided by the number of visitors to provide an average number of pages per visit.
  • Bounce Rate–this one was a new one to me, so I had to look it up on Wikipedia. But basically, it’s a measure of the number of visitors who come in, take one look at your site, and leave. Apparently, the ideal is to have a bounce rate of about 30%. More than that, and you need to do something to make your content or your design “stickier.”
  • Average time on the site–pretty obvious what that is.
  • Percent new visits–again pretty obvious.

Sources of Blog Traffic
It was also interesting to look at Tony’s Traffic Source View, which showed that more than half of the traffic to his site comes from Search engines. Then about a third comes from referring sites (people linking to his site). And he’s got about 14% in direct traffic, which he said comes from RSS feeds.

Google Analytics
I also found out about Google Analytics, which I can import into my page to help me keep track of my stats.

My Blog’s Stats
Of course, WordPress provides me with some stats. And I was pleased to see that the number of visits has jumped from about 0 to 29 since I recently re-started this blog . I can also see where my referrals are coming from–that is from which sites are visitors coming. And I can see which posts generated the most views.

Technorati Authority and Rank
I learned what a Technorati Authority is and why it matters: It’s basically a measure of the number of sites that link back to you. And the more sites that link to you, the more authority you have. If you have a lot of Technorati Authority, your Technorati Rank goes up.

Driving Traffic to My Blog
And I found a great post about how to increase my Technorati authority (not sure I’m really ready for that). But what I found useful were the three simple steps for driving traffic to my blog:

  1. Create good content–should be controversial, unique, or informative
  2. Link to other sites
  3. Post links to social voting sites

Those steps pretty much sum up how I’ve approached this blog. Up til now, I’ve been more interested in generating good content. Only recently have I started linking to other sites. And I have to say, I do so with trepidation because I worry that what I’m writing about wouldn’t interest anyone else. But I’m gaining confidence thanks to some of the comments I’m getting in return. So, maybe next, I’ll take a look at posting to a social voting site.

Another next step is to set myself up with an RSS feed. I’m not sure if I’ll get subscribers, but one thing is for sure: If I don’t offer RSS, I definitely never will.



1. jerry - January 20, 2008

very helpful can adsense ads be placed on you blogs??

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