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Experiment Status January 12, 2008

Posted by cjescribano in Uncategorized.

It occurred to me recently that I ought to post regular updates on the status of my experiments. So, here’s what I’ve got going so far:

Experiment 1: Writing in my blog everyday–Successful so far. I have posted to this blog everyday since Jan. 1. For some reason my January 2 post got pushed to January 3. But you’ll notice there are two Jan. 3 posts. It has been powerful for me to blog everyday. Lots of ideas are bubbling up into my head because now they know they have some place to go. Oddly, I seem to be writing a lot about NLP topics.

Experiment 2: Nutrition Experiment–I’ve been taking my “magic potion” (as I call the drinkable vitamin solution) everyday since January 1. I haven’t noticed any big changes yet. My fingernails are still soft and broken–not long and hard like they were in November. So, nothing much to report here.

Experiment 3: Blog Strategy–I need to do some more research on blog strategy. This experiment hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet. I guess I should pull my focus on that for the next couple of weeks.

Experiment 4: Act As If–This one has been working out well. Acting as if definitely changes my own behavior, which I notice impacts how others behave.



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