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Defining a Blog Strategy January 9, 2008

Posted by cjescribano in blogging.

Through some serendipity, I find myself defining a blog strategy for two organizations: 1) my company and 2) my church. The hardest part so far is convincing people that a blog is a good idea. For both organizations, it’s a matter of helping people see what a blog is and what it can do for them. I suggested to my church this evening that perhaps instead of calling the site a “blog,” they call it an “online conversation” or a “means of continuing our conversation.” I think that takes the focus away from the technology and puts it on what people want to do.

I don’t feel like I’ve ever been very good at convincing people to do things. In fact, I think the more passionate I am, the more I turn people off. I guess I have too much invested, and it shows. I’ve begun to realize that my role is not to force my way or my vision, but to facilitate conversations that help these organizations get what they need.

It’s amazing how my initial idea morphs a bit once I listen to other people. I had a good conversation tonight with my priest and the head of the adult Christian education. We ended up with an adult Bible study idea that would include weekly online discussions and a once-a-month in-person session. My priest came up with that idea, and I really like it–as someone who will probably participate.

Anyway, for the next week or so, I’ll be thinking alot about blog strategy. What makes a good blog? What are other people doing for their organizations? What will work best for the organizations I’m supporting? What are the key design considerations for a blog? I know this information already exists. Now, I just need to find it and apply it to help my company and my church achieve their goals.



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