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I Have Seen the Future January 4, 2008

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A few months ago, my boss sent me a link to this YouTube video about Cisco’s TelePresence product:

It blew our minds. The thought of being able to beam people’s images anywhere in the world just opened up so many possibilities. I thought about the trip I’d made to Portland in September: basically, two full days of travel for a one-hour meeting. If I’d had something like TelePresence, I would have been able to participate virtually in a way that didn’t feel virtual at all–and save myself days of time.

Well, today, we got an official demo of TelePresence. The technology that’s shown in the video–the hollogram effect–isn’t ready yet. But what is ready is very cool too. You sit in a room that’s set up to be half of a conference room. The other half of the conference room is on three TV displays.

To start, the demo, our host pressed a button on the conference room phone. Suddenly, a man appeared on the TV displays in front of us–in his conference room across the country. He gave us a presentation on TelePresence and answered our questions. When his arm brushed the table, I could hear it. And there were no delays. When he moved to a different part of the conference room, the sound followed him. It seemed so real that I almost shook his hand when the demo was over.

After the demo, my boss and I stood outside in the freezing cold with our brains on fire with ideas. All the ways we could use this tool!

  • We could save our leadership team from all the travel they have to do to different sites
  • We could create classes with participants from all over the world and eliminate thousands of travel dollars
  • People around the world could collaborate more often and more cheaply, and save themselves lots of time that had been spent traveling.
  • We could interview Subject Matter Experts virtually.
  • We could run design sessions virtually.


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