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Examples of E-Learning June 28, 2007

Posted by cjescribano in e-learning, Learning.

Well, once again, I am squeaking in at the very end of the month to answer the Learning Circuit’s Big Question. My Big Question is: Where did June go?!

Anyway, to respond to the Learning Circuits Big Question, I am proud to share two e-learning examples developed by my employer, Vangent, Inc. of Arlington, VA. At Vangent, we help organizations create a high-performing workforce through a variety of talent management services, including customized blended, instructor-led, and e-learning solutions. I wish that I could say that I had designed either of these two pieces, but I didn’t have anything to do with them. I’m just glad I work with such talented people.

Example 1. American Red Cross Disaster Services Training.
To motivate people to become Disaster Services volunteers and to provide more information about how to volunteer

What to Notice:

  • This piece was created using our library of standardized Flash templates. These templates have been usability tested and used for numerous organizations, so we know they work.
  • The piece does a nice job of guiding learners through a process of getting them interested (why), providing them with more information (what), and then inspiring them with a call to action (how).
  • Drama is created using only photos, music, and sound effects. This engages learners and motivates them to find out more.
  • The teaching is held together via a storyline of a fire. Learners watch how Red Cross volunteers respond, and occasionally they are invited to help out.
  • Interwoven through the action are Red Cross principles and testimonials from celebrity volunteers.
  • The module ends with a call to action. Learners complete a survey identifying their interests; then, they can view relevant volunteer positions.

Example 2. Fifty Lessons
Purpose: To provide managers and leaders with targeted leadership lessons from the world’s most prominent business leaders

What to Notice:

  • These lessons harness the power of storytelling to convey important lessons on leadership.
  • Each video is about 3 – 5 minutes.  
  • Supporting materials, such as Ideas for Action and Questions to Ask, are provided to facilitate knowledge transfer and behavior change.
  • I especially like that you can select a topic and then pick from a list of relevant lessons.
  • The lessons are flexible–offered in a variety of different media and different packages.


1. Eric - May 27, 2008

iSpring is a great e-learning authoring tool. Take a look!

2. akhilesh - August 27, 2012


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