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Oh, the Joys of Blogging May 11, 2007

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As you can tell, I’m just a novice in this whole world of blogging. I’ve been doing a lot of watching (lurking) lately and posting when I can, which isn’t nearly often enough. But a few weeks ago, something happened that made me really “get” what is so cool about blogging–the connections between people and their thoughts and the organic building of communities.

When I first started learning about blogging, a friend of mine, Marlies, told me about her company’s blog–Mind and Media’s Inspire Action. So, I checked it out. Because of its frequent postings and cutting-edge, creative content, it soon became my favorite blog. There, I always found something new to share with my colleagues.

I had been reading Inspire Action for some time when they published a post on lurking that inspired me to stop lurking. And in my comment, I mentioned that Inspire Action was my favorite blog. This innocent remark initiated a stream of e-mails that went something like this:

Marlies: Can we quote you on this?

Me: Of course. Oh, and if you want to know specifically why Inspire Action is my favorite blog, here’s why:

1) Seems to be more cutting-edge than others I’ve been looking at. It also encompasses a broader perspective than others I’ve looked at, which are more instructional design focused. 

2) It’s updated more regularly than others I’ve been looking at, so if I need a break and want to be inspired, I can go check out the Inspire Action blog. 

3) I’ve already gotten a number of great ideas from this blog, which I’ve passed on to colleagues, so they think I’m really smart now. At least two other colleagues are using bubbl.us now. 

4) I feel that it gives me a really good view of what’s going on in business, culture, and the world. 

5) It provides me with tools and creative ideas that I can use right away.  

6) It focuses on people who are doing really creative things, so it helps me think about things differently (outside of my box)

Marlies: Thank you, Claudia, for boosting the morale of my whole organization.

I laughed at that last one, knowing Marlies’s propensity for wry humor. But then, the next day, I understood what she meant. I had decided to answer the Learning Circuits Big Question, linking my blog to that of Learning Circuits. And the very next day, I had an e-mail teling me that I had comments to moderate on my blog. This had never happened before. I was so excited as I read the comments. And my morale soared.


Now, I understood how a single comment could raise the morale of a whole organization. Five years ago, as Learning Circuits first began experimenting with blogs, Jay Cross summed it up nicely: Also, blogs are easily linked and cross-linked to form learning communities. A few days after we met, Ashley emailed, “It was interesting how the next day you posted on your blog about our talk, about which David Carter-Tod commented on in his blog. One of my colleagues, Raymond Yee, noticed it after we had lunch, and I told him about our discussion. Then, Yee wrote a post about our circle on his blog. Of course, then I had to comment about it on my blog. It’s all an interesting little Web that blogs make happen so quickly.”



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