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Back from Vacation and on Information Overload April 15, 2007

Posted by cjescribano in information management.

Well, really, I’ve been back for a week now. But it’s taken me a week to get back on track.

What’s great about vacation, at least for me, is unplugging–reducing everything down to an eat/ play/sleep simplicity. We went to the right place for that–The Keys. For one week, it was just about the sun and water and the animals that live there. No computers, no e-mail, no IMs, no blogs, no news, limited TV (mostly movies), and limited use of cell phones. There’s a clarity in that simplicity. I know what’s important because they’re sitting there with me looking at the dolphins. Instead of trying to catch the news, read a newspaper or two, and keep up with all my magzines, I focus on one book that I’ve been wanting to read.

Re-entry into the information ocean is a shock. It starts with the news on the TV in the airport. They’re following up on all the stories I missed. I have no idea what they’re talking about. I get that “I gotta catch up” feeling. Then I get home to the pile of newspapers, mail, and magazines. Then I log into e-mail where hundreds of nagging voices demand my attention. And I haven’t even thought about looking at any blogs yet.

I guess information overload is the flip side of all that easy access to information. But after a week of clarity, I can’t help but wondering if all that information just muddies the waters.



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