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Keeping My “Information Net” Ready March 12, 2007

Posted by cjescribano in information management.

Yesterday, as we drove through DC, I saw a sign that interested me–a place where you can rent bikes and get maps for bike tours of the city. Some good information to remember for the future. I watched as my mind ran through its usual response to this type of situation:

  • Oh, good information!
  • I’ll have to remember that!
  • I’ll definitely remember that. There’s the URL, and it’s SO easy to remember.

Now, I know that there’s no way I’ll remember that URL a week or two from now. In fact, this morning, it took me two tries to remember it. And what about this summer when a friend suggests a bike trip? I’ll have a fuzzy recollection of something in DC about biking but I won’t be able to remember where I saw it or what it was. Information squandered.

So, one habit I’m trying to get into is keeping my “information net” ready so I can capture information as it comes along. It takes two seconds to whip out the notepad that I always have in my purse and write down, “bike tours–www.bikethesites.com.”  There, it’s done. Hopefully, this summer when I need that URL, I’ll remember that I blogged it. Better yet, maybe I’ll go ahead and bookmark it right now. Hmm, even better, maybe I’ll e-mail it to my biking buddy. It seems I have lots of “information nets” at my disposal.

This morning, I spent a half hour browsing through my favorite blogs, and of course, I found good information, which has now been captured in a wiki. It didn’t take long, and now I don’t have to try to remember. With my “information nets” ready, I could grab those bits as they flew by.



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